Our Belief

As an organization, our core belief drives our culture and guides the work we do every day:

We believe in changing lives by serving others through building relationships.

This belief drives our stance, which is the set of basic behaviors that demonstrates our core belief and is how what we believe becomes what we do. Much like an athlete works on fundamentals for core body placement before swinging a golf club or a bat or throwing a ball, we believe that our stance is fundamental to what we do every day. Our stance includes the following six behaviors:

  • Be Prepared
  • Understand Needs
  • Know People
  • Manage Details
  • Deliver Quality
  • Follow Through
Because our core belief centers around people, we use each of the aspects of this stance in our interactions with everyone—consultants, clients, and each other.You’ll notice that our core belief and stance don’t explicitly reference staffing and consulting. That’s because these beliefs are what defines us; we just happen to deliver this vision in the staffing industry.